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Infographic: 10 Ways to Know if You’re Gluten Intolerant

👤 🕔 July 16, 2013

Did you know that 15% of the population is actually gluten intolerant and 99% of people who have gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease are never diagnosed? People go through their lives having this intolerance without the proper tools to control it. Experiencing any of these symptoms for a period of time can hint that you may have a gluten intolerance or even Celiac Disease.

The difference lies in the issue of just how severe your symptoms are and how much gluten your body can tolerate. Every person who is living with Celiac Disease is gluten intolerant, but you can be gluten intolerant without having Celiac Disease.

Take a look at the list below from FitLife to see if your symptoms match up (Click for a larger view.). If they do, consider asking your doctor or a GI specialist if you may be gluten intolerant.

 Gluten Intolerance Infograph